Top 5 Gifts For Motorcyclists 2017

1. Critter Coasters - Mr. Frog Kickstand Pad - $13.95

What Is A Kickstand Pad Used For?

A kickstand pad/puck/coaster is placed under a motorcycle's kickstand in order to support a motorcycle on soft surfaces such as grass, mud, or hot asphalt. When a kickstand is placed on surfaces such as grass, mud, or dirt filled areas, the weight of the motorcycle will push the kickstand into the ground, causing it to fall over. A kickstand pad adds a sturdy area for the kickstand to rest, preventing the weight of the motorcycle to push the kickstand into the ground. It's also used to prevent kickstands from sinking into asphalt in warmer climates.

Mr. Frog

Built with a high quality ABS plastic plate, rubber padded bottom and high quality  fabric. Give a motorcyclist a laugh!

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 2. Bike EXIF - Moto Calendar 2017 - $15.95

Bike Calendar

What motorcyclist doesn't want to look at custom bike pictures every month? This new 2017 addition will more than likely put a smile on a motorcyclist's face!

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3. Alpinestar - Open Face Balaclava - $24.95

Cold Riding Gear

With winter upon us, every rider is going to be shivering for heated gear. This inexpensive, but high quality Alpinestar's balaclava is bound to be what an all year rider needs. 

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4. Universal Motorcycle Phone Mount - $8.98

Motorcycle Phone Mount

Never get lost again! We all know that motorcyclists take the long way home, making this the ideal gift for riders who love adventures.

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5. Lee Klancher - Motorcycle Dream Garages - $22.12

Motorcycle Dream Garage Book

Know a motorcyclist who spends all day in the garage? Well, if you don't have heaps of money to buy them a new garage, this is the next best thing!

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